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Company Locations

Taiji Group USA, Inc.
Taiji USA- Conover, NC
450 Wortha Herman Road SW
Conover, NC 28613
Phone: 8289620371

Types of Products: We produce spiral wound cardboard paper cores & tubes for fibers and yarns: cotton, polyester, nylon, nylon 6.6, spandex, Dacron, lycra, and polypropylene
Fibers/Yarns/Threads dealt with at this location: Silk-Fiber, Wool-Fiber, Cotton-Fiber, Recycled-Fiber, Recycled-Yarn, Recycled-Thread, Nylon-Fiber, Polyester-Fiber, Acrylic-Fiber, Polypropylene-Fiber, Polyethylene-Fiber, Polyolefin-Fiber, Spandex-Fiber, Aramid-Fiber, Rayon/Viscose-Fiber, Recycled-Fiber, Recycled-Yarn, Recycled-Thread, Carbon-Fiber, Metallic-Fiber

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