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Our Team


Stacey Frederick: Project Manager

Dr. Stacey FrederickStacey Frederick is the project manager and creator of the Textile Connect website concept. She received  both her B.S. in Textile Management and recently her Ph.D in Textile Technology Management from NC State’s College of Textiles. The value chain model and classification system that form the framework for the Textile Connect database and website were developed and applied to the textile industry as part of Stacey’s dissertation research. Stacey enjoys combining her background in textile science and management with her interests in economic development and visual analytics to create value-chain based tools to help governments, economic developers and firms understand the complexity of an industry and develop competitive strategies.


Shawn Dunning: Technical Director

Shawn DunningShawn Dunning is the Assistant Dean for Information Technology at the North Carolina State University, College of Textiles. He earned a Textile degree from the College of Textiles and has remained at the college in a technical capacity ever since. He earned his Masters of Business Administration from Cambell University in North Carolina. Shawn is very interested in seeing economic development in the technical industry and helping to connect companies locally to find suppliers and buyers.



Sarah Griner: Research Assistant

Sarah Griner Sarah Griner is graduate student at North Carolina State University's College of Textiles. After earning her bachelors degree in Textile Management from NCSU, she has returned to the college to study local business models and find ways to make the industry more accessible for new entrepreneurs. Sarah is also actively involved in the NCSU Dance Company and Vintage21.

Past Involvement

Meghan Coats is a previous undergraduate research assistant for Textile Connect. Currently, she is a senior in the College of Textiles in Fashion in Textile Management. Following graduation in May 2011, she is looking into attending graduate school.