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Textile Research Journal

Supply Chain Categories: None.
Valueadd Activities: Research & Development
Markets: None.
Supporting Environment: None.

Description: Devoted to disseminating fundamental and applied scientific information in the physical, chemical, and engineering sciences related to the textiles and allied industries.
Publishing Body: Sage Science Press (UK)
Status: Active
Start Year: 1930
Frequency: Monthly
Document Type: Journal; Academic/Scholarly
Refereed Publication: Yes
Media Type(s): Print
Language: Text in English
Price: GBP 831, USD 1,372 subscription per year to institutions GBP 848, USD 1,400 combined subscription per year to institutions Print & Online Eds. (effective 2008)
Circulation: 2500 unspecified
Special Features: Bibliographies, Charts, Illustrations, Abstracts, Book Reviews
Article Index: Index
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Document Availability: Periodicals Service Co.
Reprints Available: Yes, contact publisher.
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