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A T A Journal: journal for Asia on textile & apparel

Supply Chain Categories: Accessories , Apparel & Hosiery & Accessories , Cut & Sew Apparel , Fabric , Wholesale Apparel
Valueadd Activities: Design , Production
Markets: Apparel Market
Supporting Environment: None.

Description: Provides up-to-date trade information, as well as useful market analysis, to assist decision makers in the textile and garment industry in Asia when devising business strategies and making daily production or operation decisions.
Publishing Body: Adsale Publishing Company
Status: Active
Start Year: 1990
Frequency: Bi-monthly
Document Type: Journal; Trade
Refereed Publication: No Information Available
Media Type(s): Print
Language: Text in English; Summaries in English
Price: HKD 455 subscription per year domestic USD 75 subscription per year in Asia USD 85 subscription per year elsewhere (effective 2003)
Circulation: 15432 unspecified
Special Features: Includes Advertising, Abstracts, Charts, Illustrations, Statistics
Article Index: Index Available
Contact Email: No Information Available
Website URL: No Information Available
Title History: Formerly: Asia Textile and Apparel
Document Availability: No Information Available
Reprints Available: Yes, contact publisher.
Back Issues Available: Yes, contact publisher.
Abstracting and Indexing Services: Religious & Theological Abstracts; SCOPUS (1992-1993; 1997; 2000-); World Textile Abstracts
Ad Rate: B&W page: USD 2,951; color page: USD 4,540
Ad Size: Trim 280w x 215h
Materials_ Accepted: No Information Available