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Supply Chain Categories: Apparel & Hosiery & Accessories , Home & Interiors
Valueadd Activities: None.
Markets: Apparel Market , Home Furnishings Market
Supporting Environment: None.

Description: Trade publication for the business in textiles, fashions, and home textiles. Features trade news and information, fashion news and trends, and international news. Includes list of events, positions available.
Publishing Body: Nielsen Business Publications (Netherlands)
Status: Active
Start Year: 1921
Frequency: Weekly
Document Type: Trade
Refereed Publication: No Information Available
Media Type(s): Print
Language: Text in Dutch
Price: EUR 137.69 subscription per year EUR 66.78 subscription per year to students EUR 3.18 newsstand/cover per issue (effective 2005)
Circulation: 7856 unspecified
Special Features: Includes Advertising, Abstracts, Bibliographies, Charts, Illustrations, Market Prices, Patents, Statistics, Trade Literature, Book Reviews
Article Index: No Information Available
Contact Email: No Information Available
Website URL:
Title History: Incorporates (in 1999): Mode Nieuws (Netherlands) (1381-9321)
Document Availability: No Information Available
Reprints Available: No Information Available
Back Issues Available: No Information Available
Abstracting and Indexing Services: Key to Economic Science; Textile Technology Index (coverage dropped)
Ad Rate: Page: EUR 3,810
Ad Size: Trim 240w x 320h Millimeters
Materials_ Accepted: No Information Available