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Fabricare Canada

Supply Chain Categories: Apparel & Hosiery & Accessories
Valueadd Activities: Services
Markets: Apparel Market , Home Furnishings Market
Supporting Environment: None.

Description: No Information Available
Publishing Body: Todd's Your Answer Ltd.
Status: Active
Start Year: 1955
Frequency: Bi-monthly
Document Type: Trade
Refereed Publication: No Information Available
Media Type(s): Print
Language: Text in English
Price: Free
Circulation: 6000 controlled
Special Features: Includes Advertising, Trade Literature, Book Reviews
Article Index: No Information Available
Contact Email:
Website URL: No Information Available
Title History: Formerly (until 1995): Canadian Cleaner and Launderer (Canada) (0008-3224)
Document Availability: No Information Available
Reprints Available: Yes, contact publisher.
Back Issues Available: No Information Available
Abstracting and Indexing Services: Textile Technology Index (1995-)
Ad Rate: B&W page: USD 1,531; color page: USD 2,307
Ad Size: Trim 10.88w x 8.13h
Materials_ Accepted: No Information Available