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Cleaning & Restoration

Supply Chain Categories: Carpet & Rugs
Valueadd Activities: Services
Markets: None.
Supporting Environment: None.

Description: Covers cleaning and restoration of textile interior furnishings (carpets, draperies, rugs and upholstery) and restoration of fire, water, smoke and otherwise damaged contents and structures.
Publishing Body: A S C R International
Status: Active
Start Year: 1963
Frequency: Monthly
Document Type: Magazine; Trade
Refereed Publication: No Information Available
Media Type(s): Print
Language: Text in English
Price: USD 69 subscription per year domestic to non-members USD 79 subscription per year in Canada to non-members USD 49 subscription per year in US & Canada to members USD 99 subscription per year to members (effective 2005)
Circulation: 2600 paid (per issue) 1000 controlled (per issue)
Special Features: Includes Advertising, Charts, Illustrations, Book Reviews
Article Index: Index
Contact Email: No Information Available
Website URL:
Title History: Former titles (until 1985): Voice (Falls Church); National Institute of Rug Cleaning Voice (United States) (0042-806X)
Document Availability: No Information Available
Reprints Available: Yes, contact publisher.
Back Issues Available: No Information Available
Abstracting and Indexing Services: A A T A Online (Art and Archaeology Technical Abstracts) (coverage dropped)
Ad Rate: No Information Available
Ad Size: No Information Available
Materials_ Accepted: Business news, By-line articles, Letters to editor, Coming events, Photos, Press releases, New product news/photos, Trade lit., Display adv., Classified adv.