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Nonwovens Industry: the international magazine for the nonwoven fabrics and disposable soft goods industry

Supply Chain Categories: Nonwoven Fabric
Valueadd Activities: None.
Markets: None.
Supporting Environment: None.

Description: No Information Available
Publishing Body: Rodman Publishing, Corp.
Status: Active
Start Year: 1970
Frequency: Monthly
Document Type: Magazine; Trade
Refereed Publication: No Information Available
Media Type(s): Print
Language: Text in English
Price: Free to qualified personnel
Circulation: 10000 controlled
Special Features: Includes Advertising, Charts, Illustrations, Patents, Statistics, Trade Literature, Book Reviews
Article Index: Index
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Title History: Former titles (until 1977): Formed Fabrics Industry (United States) (0163-4399); Nonwovens and Disposable Soft Goods; Disposable Soft Goods (United States) (0046-0362)
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Abstracting and Indexing Services: Abstract Bulletin of Paper Science and Technology; Chemical Abstracts; EBSCOhost (TOC Premier: indexed, 2003-05-01 - present); The Engineering Index Monthly; OCLC (Business & Industry: indexed, 1999 - 2007, volume:30;issue:4-volume:38;issue:6) (Business and Management Practices: indexed, 2000 - 2001, volume:31;issue:10-volume:32;issue:4); Paperbase Abstracts; Predicasts Overview of Markets and Technology; R A P R A Abstracts (Rubber and Plastics Research Association of Great Britain) (1972-2006)(2001-); SCOPUS (1989-); Swets Information Services (SwetsWise All Titles: indexed, 1996 - present, volume:1-volume:38;issue:7); Textile Technology Index (1977-); Thomson Gale (Gale Group) (General Reference Center Gold: indexed, 1989-06 - present) (General Reference Center International: indexed, 1989-06 - present) (InfoTrac Custom: indexed, 1989-06 - present) (InfoTrac OneFile: indexed, 1989-06 - present) (InfoTrac OneFile (with Ingenta): indexed, 1989-06-01 - present); World Textile Abstracts
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