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Ahmedabad Textile Industry's Research Association. Joint Technological Conferences. Proceedings
Ahmedabad Textile Industry's Research Association. Proceedings of the Management Conference
All India Handloom Exporters Guide
All India Textiles Directory
Asian Textile Journal
Asian Textile Workers Conference. Proceedings
B T R A Scan
C S R & T I (Mysore): bulletins on improved practices of sericulture
C.T.T.S. Annual
Central Research Institute for Jute and Allied Fibres. Annual Report
Colourage Annual
Consumer Purchases and Price Trends of Textiles
Cotton Development
Cotton News
Direct Textile Bulletin
Directory of Wool, Hosiery and Fabrics
Handbook of the Indian Cotton Textile Industry
Historic Textiles of India
Hosiery and Textile Journal: monthly review for manufacturers and merchants
Hosiery Report Weekly
India. Directorate of Jute Development. Jute Development Journal
India. Textiles Committee. Compendium of Textile Statistics (Year)
India. Textiles Committee. Consumer Purchases of Textiles (Year)
Indian Cotton Mills Federation Journal
Indian Cotton Textile Industry; Annual Statistical Bulletin
Indian Journal of Fibre & Textile Research
Indian Journal of Sericulture
Indian Jute Mills Association. Annual Summary of Jute and Gunny Statistics
Indian Jute Mills Association. Loom and Spindle Statistics
Indian Silk
Indian Synthetic & Rayon
Indian Textile Annual & Directory
Indian Textile Bulletin
Institution of Engineers (India). Textile Engineering Division. Journal
International Press Cutting Service: Jute, Gunny, Hessian, Burlap, Coir
Man-Made Fibre Statistics (Year)
Man-Made Textiles in India
Modern Fibres
Monthly Summary of Jute and Gunny Statistics
New Cloth Market
Progress in Textiles: Science & Technology
Sasmira Technical Digest
Sasmira's Bulletin
Sericulture & Silk Industry Statistics (Year)
Silk Export Bulletin
Silk in India
Textile Association (India). Journal
Textile Dyer and Printer
Textile India Progress: monthly devoted to entire textile sector
Textile Industry & Trade Journal
Textile Machinery: accessories & stores
Textile Magazine
Textile News
Textile News - Handlooms and Handicrafts Report
Textile Trends
The Indian Textile Journal
Vanya: wild silks of India in English
Wool & Woollen
Wool and Woolens of India
Wool News
Woollen Exporters Directory