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A T A Journal: journal for Asia on textile & apparel
AATCC Technical Manual
About Wool
Active Sports and Bodywear
Active Sports and Leisurewear
Advanced Composites Bulletin: an international newsletter
Advances in Textiles Technology: an international newsletter
African and Middle East Textiles
Ahmedabad Textile Industry's Research Association. Joint Technological Conferences. Proceedings
Ahmedabad Textile Industry's Research Association. Proceedings of the Management Conference
Algodon Hace Sus Cuentas
All India Handloom Exporters Guide
All India Textiles Directory
All Pakistan Textile Mills Association. Chairman's Review (Online)
Ambassador: the export magazine
American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists. International Conference & Exhibition. Book of Papers
American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists. Technical Manual (Year)
American Dyestuff Reporter: devoted to textile wet-processing, dyeing, finishing, bleaching, etc., new product information, news of the industry
American Flock Association Directory
American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Textile Engineering Division. Newsletter
Annales Scientifiques Textiles Belges
Annales Textiles
Annuaire Statistique de l'Industrie Francaise du Jute
Annual Book of A S T M Standards. Volume 06.04. Paint-Solvents; Aromatic Hydrocarbons
Annual Book of A S T M Standards. Volume 07.01. Textiles (I): D76 - D3219
Apparel Industry
Apparel Magazine
Apparel Manufacturer
Apparel Plant Wages Survey
Apparel Trade Directory
Archaeological Textiles Newsletter
Arredo Tessili Complementi - Biancheria Casa
Ars Textrina
Art, Craft, Design & Textile Technology Directory
Artes Textiles: Bijragen tot de Geschiedenis van de Tapijt
Asian Cotton Textile Outlook
Asian Journal of Textile
Asian Textile Business
Asian Textile Journal
Asian Textile Manufacturing
Asian Textile Record
Asian Textile Weekly
Asian Textile Workers Conference. Proceedings
Asociacion de Investigacion Textil Algodonera. Coleccion de Manuales Tecnicos
Asociacion de Investigacion Textil Algodonera. Estudios y Documentos
Associazione Laniera Italiana. Notiziario
Associazione Nobilitazione Tessile. Notiziario
Australasian Angora Mohair Journal
Australasian Textiles & Fashion
Australia. Bureau of Statistics. Manufacturing Production, Australia: Fibres, Yarns, Fabrics, Bedding and Floor Coverings
Australia. Bureau of Statistics. Tasmanian Office. Wool Production and Disposal
Australian & New Zealand Apparel
Australian Women's Wear
Australian Wool Compendium
Australian Wool Export Quarterly Review
Australian Wool Sale Statistics. Statistical Analysis. Part A & B & C & D
Austria Textil
B C T C - C A M R A S O - Focus
B T E Taschenbuch
B T R A Scan
B T T G Independent
B W Fashion Technics: internationale Magazin fuer die Naeh-Industrie
Band- und Flechtindustrie
Bangladesh Journal of Jute & Fibre Research
Barwniki, Srodki Pomocnicze
Beijing Fangzhi
Beikoku Tokkyo Shoroku. Kagaku Ippan, Orimono Hen
Beltwide Cotton Production Conference. Proceedings
Beltwide Cotton Production Research Conferences. Proceedings
Bilten Dokumentacije. Industrija Tekstila i Papira
Bler: wolproduksie-inligtingsjoernaal - wool production information journal
Boken Report
Bruecke: Informationen fuer Arbeitssicherheit und Gesundheitsschutz
Bulletin Quotidien d'Informations Textiles
Business Ratio Plus: Cotton & Man - Made Fibre Processors
Butterick Home Catalog
C L A Guidelines: management guidelines for C L A members
C S I R O Sheep and Wool Research
C S I R O Textile News
C S R & T I (Mysore): bulletins on improved practices of sericulture
C. I. M. Notiziario: ente per l'incremento e la valorizzazione della moda italiana
C.T.T.S. Annual
Canada. Statistics Canada. Canvas Products and Cotton and Jute Bag Industries
Canada. Statistics Canada. Cordage and Twine Industry
Canada. Statistics Canada. Cotton Yarn and Cloth Mills
Canada. Statistics Canada. Felt and Fibre Processing Mills
Canada. Statistics Canada. Textile Products Industries
Canada. Statistics Canada. Wool Production and Supply
Canada. Statistics Canada. Wool Yarn and Cloth Mills
Canadian Textile Directory
Carbon & High Performance Fibres Directory and Databook
Carpet and Rug Institute. Directory
Carpet Dyer International
Carpet Manufacturer International
Central Research Institute for Jute and Allied Fibres. Annual Report
Centre International d'Etude des Textiles Anciens. Bulletin
Chanyeyong Fangzhipin
Chemical Fibers International: magazine for fiber polymers, fibers, texturing and spunbonds
Chengdu Fangzhi Gaodeng Zhuanke Xuexiao Xuebao
Chile Textil
China Textile & Apparel
China Textile & Garment Directory
China Textile University. Journal
Cleaning & Restoration
Clemson University Review of Industrial Management and Textile Science
Cleo en la Moda
Clothing & Textiles Research Journal
Colour Index
Colour Index: Additions & Amendments
Colourage Annual
Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization. Division of Textile Physics. Annual Report
Composites Science and Technology
Confeccion Industrial
Consumer Purchases and Price Trends of Textiles
Context Magazine: managementblad voor de bedrijfskolom textiel in Nederland en Belgie
Cordage, Canvas and Jute World Directory
Cotistics Bi-annual Cotton Statistical Bulletin
Cotton Development
Cotton Digest International
Cotton Directory of the World
Cotton Dust Research Conference. Proceedings
Cotton Gin and Oil Mill Press: the magazine of the cotton ginning and oilseed processing industries
Cotton Incorporated Technical Bulletin
Cotton International Magazine
Cotton News
Cotton Outlook
Cotton Statistics Monthly
Cotton Textile Statistics
Cotton: Review of the World Situation
Cotton's Progress
D T V - Intern
D W I Reports
Davison's Gold Book
Davison's Knit Goods Trade
Decorating Centre
Dettaglio Tessile e dell'Abbigliamento
Deutsches Wollforschungsinstitut. Schriftenreihe
Die Textil-Industrie und Ihre Helfer
Digital Textile
Direct Textile Bulletin
Directory of European Dyers, Printers and Finishers
Directory of the Spanish Cotton-System Textile Enterprises
Directory of Wool, Hosiery and Fabrics
Disposables and Nonwovens
Dow Jones Agrar und Ernaehrung
Dow Jones Textil und Bekleidung
Dow Jones Textil und Bekleidung
Drapers Record Retail Logbook
Dunya Tekstil
E M B Magazine
E.T.N. Revue de l'Entretien des Textiles et Nettoyage
East European Clothing & Textile Industry Directory
East European Industrial Monitoring Service. Textiles, Clothing and Leather
Echo's voor de Textielkleinhandel
Eco dell'Industria Tessile
Ecotextile News
Egyptian Cotton Gazette
Egyptian Journal of Textile & Polymer Science & Technology
Ekspress-Informatsiya. Shveinaya Promyshlennost'
Ekspress-Informatsiya. Tekstil'naya Promyshlennost'
Ekspress-Informatsiya. Trikotazhnaya Promyshlennost'
Enka Glanzstoff. Trend und Information
Epitheoresis Klostoufantourgias
Euratex. Bulletin
Europaeischer Wirtschaftsdienst. Textil- und Chemiefaser-Dienst
European Cotton Industry Statistics
European Index of Yarns and Fibres
Export Levels of New Zealand Wool Products and Their Current Markets
Fabric Architecture
Fabric Buyer's Directory: the global sourcing guide for fashion fabrics, trimmings and garment accessories
Fabric Forecast
Fabric Graphics
Fabric Trends
Fabricare Canada
Fangzhi Fuzhuang Zhoukan
Fangzhi Gaoxiao Jichu Kexue Xuebao
Fangzhi Kexue Yanjiu
Fangzhi Wenzhai
Fangzhi Xuebao
Fangzhi Zhongxin Qikan
Fashion Textiles Mode
Fashion Theory: the journal of dress, body and culture
Fashion: il settimanale italiano della moda
Fashion: Magazin fuer Modemarketing
Fernkurs Textiltechnik
Fiber Organon: featuring manufactured fibers
Fibre and Fabric
Fibre North
Fibres & Textiles in Eastern Europe
Fil d'Ariane: revue de l'artisanat et des loisirs textiles
Filiere Maille
Filtration Conference Papers
Filtration Technology Handbook
Financial Survey. Carpet Manufacturers & Wholesale Distributors: company data for success
Financial Survey. Company Data for Success: Cotton & Man Made Fibre Manufacturers & Distributors
Fine Wool Review
Flax Craft
Flock: international trade journal for the flock industry
Fraternity Monthly Magazine
Furnishings Record
Future Materials
Gaaf Goed: vakblad voor de interieur-textiel-branche
Gaceta Textil
Gemengo Textiel
Geosynthetics International
Geotextiles and Geomembranes
Global Sources Garments & Textiles
GTEX: Quem Fabrica o Que na Industria Textil
Guida alla Maglieria e Calzetteria Italiane
Guide - Danish Textile and Clothing Industries
Guoji Fangzhi Daobao
Guowai Sichou
H K P C Textile and Clothing Bulletin
Habit: mode og affaerer
Hali: the international magazine of antique carpet and textile art
Handbook of Asbestos Textiles
Handbook of the Indian Cotton Textile Industry
Hard Fibres
Harvesting, Marketing and Distribution Costs for Australian Wool - Sheep's Back to Overseas Mill
Hemp Times: saving the planet in style
Highloft Conference Papers
Historic Textiles of India
Home Economics Association of Victoria. Newsletter
Homesewing Trade News
Hong Kong Fabrics & Accessories
Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of China. Census and Statistics Department. Quarterly Textile Production Statistics
Hosiery and Textile Journal: monthly review for manufacturers and merchants
Hosiery Report Weekly
Hyogo Prefectural Institute of Technology. Technical Support Center for Textiles Industries. Reports
I D E A Conference Papers
I F I Bulletin: Fabrics, Fashions
I T M F Country Statements
I T M F State of Trade Report
Idaho Wool Growers Bulletin
Import Levels of Wool and Wool Products into New Zealand
Index to Textile Auxiliaries
India. Directorate of Jute Development. Jute Development Journal
India. Textiles Committee. Compendium of Textile Statistics (Year)
India. Textiles Committee. Consumer Purchases of Textiles (Year)
Indian Cotton Mills Federation Journal
Indian Cotton Textile Industry; Annual Statistical Bulletin
Indian Journal of Fibre & Textile Research
Indian Journal of Sericulture
Indian Jute Mills Association. Annual Summary of Jute and Gunny Statistics
Indian Jute Mills Association. Loom and Spindle Statistics
Indian Silk
Indian Synthetic & Rayon
Indian Textile Annual & Directory
Indian Textile Bulletin
Industria Cotoniera
Industria Laniera Tessile & Abbigliamento
Industria Textil Sud Americana
Industria Textila: textiles, knitting, textile garments
Industrial Fibres
Industrial Textiles
Industrie Francaise du Coton et des Fibres Alliees
Infansis - Textile
Informationsdienst F I Z Technik. Bekleidungstechnik, Management, Wirtschaft
Informationsdienst F I Z Technik. Technische Textilien
Informationsdienst F I Z Technik. Textil- und Bekleidungstechnik, Textilveredlung, Textilmaschinenbau
Informationsdienst F I Z Technik. Textilveredlung
Ingenieria Textil
Institut fuer Textiltechnik der Rheinisch-Westfaelischen Technischen Hochschule Aachen. Mitteilungen
Institut Textile de France. Bulletin Scientifique: recherche
Institution of Engineers (India). Textile Engineering Division. Journal
Instituto de Investigacion Textil y de Cooperacion Industrial. Boletin Intexter
Institutul Politehnic din Iasi. Buletinul. Sectia 8: Textile, Pielarie
Intermode: blanc/decor textile
Intermode: die Schweizer Fachzeitschrift fuer die Bekleidungsindustrie und das Modegewerbe
International Carpet Bulletin
International Carpet Yearbook
International Cotton-System Fibre Consumption Statistics
International Design Yearbook
International Directory of Design
International Dyer
International Federation of Associations of Textile Chemists and Colorists. Reports of Congress
International Hajji Baba Society. Newsletter
International Journal of Chemoinformatics and Chemical Engineering (IJCCE)
International Journal of Sheep and Wool Science (Online)
International Nonwovens Journal
International Press Cutting Service: Jute, Gunny, Hessian, Burlap, Coir
International Production Cost Comparison
International Rayon and Synthetic Fibres Committee. Statistical Yearbook
International Rayon and Synthetic Fibres Committee. Technical Conference. Reports
International Rayon and Synthetic Fibres Committee. World Congress. Report
International Silk Association. Monthly Newsletter
International Textile Bulletin
International Textile Bulletin: Dyeing - Printing - Finishing Edition
International Textile Bulletin: Nonwovens - Industrial Textiles
International Textile Calendar
International Textile Machinery
International Textile Machinery Shipment Statistics
International Textile Manufacturers Federation. Annual Conference Report (Year)
International Textile, Garment and Leather Workers' Federation. World Digest
International Textiles
International Textiles Interior
International Textiles: information and inspiration
International Wool Textile Overview
Itogi Nauki i Tekhniki. Mashiny i Oborudovanie dlya Tekstil'noi Promyshlennosti
Izvestiya Vysshikh Uchebnykh Zavedenii. Tekhnologiya Tekstil'noi Promyshlennosti
Jahrbuch der Raumausstattung
Jahrbuch fuer das Textil-Reinigungs-Gewerbe: Waescherei und Chemischreinigung
Japan Cotton Statistics and Related Data
Jenks Southeastern Business Letter
Journal du Textile
Journal for Weavers, Spinners & Dyers
Journal of Engineered Fabrics and Fibers
Journal of Industrial Fabrics
Journal of Industrial Textiles
Journal of Textile Engineering
Journal of Textile Industry
Journal Tekstylny
Jute and Jute Fabrics - Bangladesh
Jute and Synthetics Review
Jute Markets and Prices
Kalininskii Nauchno-issledovatel'skii Institut Tekstil'noi Promyshlennosti. Nauchno-issledovatel'skie Trudy
Key Note Market Report. Fibres
Khil'a: journal of dress and textiles in the Islamic world
Knit Americas
Knit Design
Knitstats: yearly statistical bulletin for the hosiery and knitwear industry
Knitting & Haberdashery: the Needlecrafts Review
Knitting International
Knitting Technology
Knitting World & Textile Manufacturer
Kompass Select Export. Textiles, Clothing, Footwear and Leather Goods
Konfeksiyon & Teknik
Krul's Maandblad voor Stoom- en Chemische Wasserijen, Ververijen en Wassalons
Kursbuch-Textil (Year): Terminplaner Industrie - Handwerk, Design, Kunst, Handel
La Seta: bollettino ufficiale della Stazione Sperimentale per la Seta
Lana Moda: maglieria a macchina
Lanas Stop
Lehka Promyslovist': naukovo-vyrobnychyi zhurnal
Leisurewear Fabric Brief
Lenzinger Berichte
L'Industrie Textile
Linea Espanola
Magyar Textiltechnika
Man-Made Fiber Year Book
Man-Made Fibers of Japan
Man-Made Fibre Statistics (Year)
Man-Made Textiles in India
Maofang Keji
Marine Fabricator
Market Report for China's Textile and Apparel Industry
Market Vision Monografias. Serie Textil - Moda
Medical Textiles: an international newsletter
Melliand International
Melliand Textilberichte
Mensucat Meslek Dergisi
Menswear Retailers of America. Financial and Operations Bulletin
Mian Fangzhi Jishu
Mittex: Mitteilungen ueber Textilindustrie: Schweizerische Fachschrift fuer die gesamte Textilindustrie
Moda e Industria
Mode und Material
Modern Design/Modern Textil
Modern Fibres
Modern Knitting Management
Modern Textile Business
Monthly Cotton Report
Monthly Summary of Jute and Gunny Statistics
Mundo Textil Argentino
N A T A D Newsletter
National Council of Wool Selling Brokers of Australia. Annual Report
National Council of Wool Selling Brokers of Australia. News Bulletin
National Textile Center - Research Briefs
National Textile Corporation. Annual Report and Accounts
National Wool Market Review
NatStat: the natural fibers statistical database
Natural Fibers Fact Book
Natural Fibers Newsletter
Natural Fibres
New Cloth Market
New Materials - Korea
New Zealand Wool Industry Manual
Nihon Boseki Geppo
Nihon Shiruku Gakkaishi
Nonwoven Fabrics Sampler and Technology Reference
Nonwovens Abstracts
Nonwovens Asia
Nonwovens Industry: the international magazine for the nonwoven fabrics and disposable soft goods industry
Nonwovens Markets
Nonwovens Markets and Fiber Structures Report
Nonwovens Report International
Nonwovens Report Yearbook
Nonwovens Review
Nonwovens World Buyers Guide
Norsk Tekstiltidende
North Carolina Economic Overview
North Carolina Economic Overview
North Carolina Economic Overview
Northern Ireland. Department of Economic Development. Textiles Industry Training Board. Report and Financial Statements
Noticiero Textil
Noticiero Textil (Supplement)
Nuevas Tecnicas de Moda
O E Report and Fibre News
Obzor Tekstil'noi Promyshlennosti
Oesterreichische Textil Zeitung
Oesterreichische Textil Zeitung Wohnen
Oesterreichische Textil-Mitteilungen: Unabhaengige Fachzeitung fuer die gesamte Textilwirtschaft
Oesterreichisches Chemiefaser-Institut. Nachrichten
Officiel de la Couleur: des textiles & des industries de la mode
Officiel des Textiles
Officiel des Textiles (Ameublement)
Officiel des Textiles (Habillement)
Officiel du Pret-a-Porter
Ornamente: Textiles Gestalten International
Pakistan Central Cotton Committee. Agricultural Survey Report
Pakistan Central Cotton Committee. Technological Bulletin. Series A
Pakistan Central Cotton Committee. Technological Bulletin. Series B
Pakistan Textile
Pakistan Textile Journal: the journal for textile industry of Pakistan
Panorama Filati e Tessuti
Performance Apparel Markets: business and market analysis for the world's fibre, textile and apparel industries
Personal Protection and Fashion
Philadelphia College of Textiles & Science. Portfolio
Philippine Textile Digest
Pinker Moda
Platt Saco Lowell Bulletin
Platt Saco Lowell Replacement Parts News
Politechnika Lodzka. Zeszyty Naukowe. Wlokiennictwo
Principles of Nonwovens: a CD for technical and manufacturing professionals
Program News
Progress in Textiles: Science & Technology
Protective Apparel Conference Papers
Przeglad Wlokienniczy - Wlokno, Odziez, Skora
Przeglad Wlokienniczy i Technik Wlokienniczy
Quarterly Summary of Jute Goods Statistics
Rapporto sulla Industria Cotoniera Italiana
Referativnyi Zhurnal. Mashiny i Oborudovanie dlya Tekstil'noi Promyshlennosti: otdel'nyi vypusk
Referativnyi Zhurnal. Tekhnologiya i Organizatsiya Proizvodstva Tekstil'noi Promyshlennosti: vypusk svodnogo toma
Referativnyi Zhurnal. Trikotazhnaya, Shveinaya i Kozhevenno-Obuvnaya Promyshlennosti: vypusk svodnogo toma
Repertoire des Productions de l'Industrie Cotonniere Francaise
Repertorio di Macchine e Accessori per la Maglieria e la Calzetteria
Review of the Linen Industry
Revista de la Industria Textil
Revista de Quimica Textil
Revista Tecnica Textil-Vestido
Revista Textil
Revista Textil
Revue Textile Melliand
Rug News
Sachguetererzeugung Schnellbericht
Safety and Protective Fabrics
Sanaet El-Nassig
Sanshi Konchuu Baiotekku
Sasmira Technical Digest
Sasmira's Bulletin
Schoon Genoeg
Schweizerischer Arbeitgeberverband fuer das Schneidergewerbe. Newsletter
Selezione Chimica Tintoria: bimestrale di tecnologie e sviluppi nella tintura stampa finissaggio di tessuti e maglieria
Selezione Tessile (Milan)
Sen'i Gakkaishi
Sen'i Kako
Sen'i Kikai Gakkaishi
Sen-i Kogyo Zasshi: boshokukai
Sen-i Kougyo Yoran
Sen'i Seihin Shohi Kagaku
Senshoku Kogyo
Sericulture & Silk Industry Statistics (Year)
Serie de Ingenieria de la Calidad
Sew Business
Shanghai Fangzhi Keji
Shinshu University. Faculty of Textile Science and Technology. Journal. Series A: Biology
Shinshu University. Faculty of Textile Science and Technology. Journal. Series C: Chemistry
Shinshu University. Faculty of Textile Science and Technology. Journal. Series D: Arts
Shirley Publications. S: Series
Sichuan Sichou
Signal'naya Informatsiya. Khimicheskie Volokna - Tekstil - Kozha - Mekh
Silk Export Bulletin
Silk in India
Sindicato Nacional Textil. Boletin de Informacion
Skinner's British Textile Register
South Africa. Division of Textile Technology. Annual Report
South Africa. Wool Board. Review of the Wool Season
Southern Africa Textiles
Southern Textile News
Sowjetische Beitraege zur Faserforschung und Textiltechnik in Deutscher Uebersetzung
Spazio Tessile
Specialty Fabrics Review
Spinners, Weavers and Dyers of Kenya. Newsletter
Spunbonded and Meltblown Technology Handbook
Standard Test Methods
Stocklists Colour Magazine
Structure of the Cotton and Allied Textile Industries
Studies in Textile and Costume History
Sudan Cotton Bulletin
Supply Chain Insights: Athletic Socks — A Cotton Opportunity
Survey on Cotton Contamination, Foreign Matter & Stickiness
Suzhou Daxue Xuebao (Gongke Ban)
Syndicat General de l'Industrie Cotonniere Francaise. Annuaire
T P I - Textil Praxis International
T S G - Garments: China trader
T U T News
T U T: la revue des utilisateurs
T V P - Fachzeitschrift fuer Textilveredlung und Promotion
T W A R O News
T.a: rivista della produzione e distribuzione del tessile e dell'abbigliamento
T3 - Technical Textile Technology: the forum for performance textiles and nonwovens
Taiwan Products: Textile & Apparel, Fashion Accessories
Taiwan Textile Industry Guide
Taiwan Textile Sources
Taschenbuch des Textileinzelhandels
Taschenbuch fuer die Textil-Industrie
Technical Textile Markets
Technical Textiles International
Technische Textilien
Technisches Textil Forum: internationale Fachzeitschrift fuer textiles Bauen
Techtex Europe
Techtex Forum
Tecnica Textil Internacional
Tecnologie Tessili
Tecnorama Tessili e Abbigliamento
Tekstil & Teknik: tekstil ihtisas dergisi - specialist textile magazine
Tekstil ve Muhendis
Tekstilec: glasilo Slovenskih tekstilcev
Tekstilforum: mote, miljoe, velvaere
Tekstilna Industrija
Tekstilna Promishlenost
Tekstil'naya Promyshlennost'
Telex Textile Habillement
Tessili per Impieghi Tecnici e Innovativi
Texbel (Edition Francaise)
Texbel International
Texinform Monthly Bulletin
Texinform: information index for the textile industry
Texpress: economic and technical weekly for the textile and clothing industry and trade in the Benelux countries
Textielhistorische Bijdragen
TextielVisie: vakblad voor de modebranche
Textil & Beklaednings
Textil- es Textilruhazati Ipari Szakirodalmi Tajekoztato
Textil Expres Noticias
Textil Expres Suplementos
Textil Mitteilungen: mit dem Wirtschaftsblatt Branche und Business
Textil och Konfektion med Laeder och Skor
Textil und Unterricht
Textil Zurnal
Textil: boletin de informacion
Textil: odborny casopis pro textilni a odevni vyrobu
Textile Analysis Bulletin Service
Textile and Apparel of Australasia: the comprehensive reference of the textile, footwear and apparel industry
Textile Artists' Newsletter: a journal of the textile arts & history
Textile Asia Index
Textile Asia: The Asian Textile & Apparel Monthly
Textile Association (India). Journal
Textile Chemist and Colorist
Textile Chemistry
Textile Council of Australia. Textile Information Service
Textile Country Reporter
Textile Digest
Textile Dyer and Printer
Textile Fibre Forum: the fibre magazine of the Australian region
Textile Forum (Deutsche Ausgabe)
Textile History
Textile Horizons: providing essential reading for all present and future decision makers in textiles and fashion worldwide
Textile India Progress: monthly devoted to entire textile sector
Textile Industries Buyers Guide
Textile Industries Buyers Guide for Southern Africa
Textile Industries Dyegest Southern Africa
Textile Industry & Trade Journal
Textile Industry in O E C D Countries
Textile Institute. Annual Report
Textile Institute. Journal
Textile Institute. Journal. Part 2. Textile Economics, Management, and Marketing
Textile Institute. Journal. Part 3. Annual Special Issue
Textile Institute. World Conference
Textile Japan
Textile Labour Cost Comparison - International
Textile Leader
Textile Machinery Society of Japan. Joint Textile Conferences Research. Abstract of Papers and Special Speeches
Textile Machinery: accessories & stores
Textile Magazine
Textile Magazine: revue du commerce du textile de l'habillement et du linge de maison/vakblad voor de handel in textiel, kleding en huishoudtextiel
Textile Manual
Textile Manufacturing: the journal of manufacturing technology
Textile Month
Textile Network: Das Magazin fuer die Herstellung textiler Produkte
Textile News
Textile News
Textile News - Handlooms and Handicrafts Report
Textile Outlook International
Textile Progress
Textile Rental
Textile Research Journal
Textile Science and Technology
Textile Technology Digest: Selected Information
Textile Technology for China
Textile Technology Index
Textile Technology International
Textile Times International
Textile Topics (Online)
Textile Trends
Textile View
Textile World
Textile World Asia
Textile: the journal of cloth and culture
Textiles Eastern Europe
Textiles Magazine
Textiles Panamericanos
Textiles para el Hogar
Textiles South East Asia
Textiles Suisses
Textiles Suisses: Interieur
Textiles That Changed the World
Textilia Europe: technical-economical bimonthly for textile and nonwoven industries
Textilia Journaal
Textilia Sport Journaal
Textilkunst International
Textilreinigung: Chemischreinigung, Kleiderfarberei, Waescherei
Textiltechnik: technisch-wissenschaftliche Zeitschrift fuer alle Zweige der Textilindustrie
Textil-Wirtschaft Wohnen
Textilyon: Bulletin des Soies et Soieries: organe international de la soie des fibres chimiques et du textile Lyonnais
Textuelt Monthly
The Apparel Analyst
The Hali Annual (Year)
The Indian Textile Journal
The Nordic Textile Journal
The Stocklists: for carpet and floorcovering buyers
The Textile Journal
The Textile Mannuscript
The Textile Museum Journal
The Woolly Times
Threads in Action Monograph
Tianjin Gongye Daxue Xuebao
Tinta e Hilo
Toray Industries. Annual Report
Trends Collezioni
Trends Filati Collezioni
T-Shirt Business Info Mapping Newsletter
U K Textile Industry Directory
U.S. Department of Agriculture. Agricultural Marketing Service. Cotton Program. Cotton Quality Crop
Upholstery Journal
Utsukushii Kimono
V W D - Baumwolle
V W D - Seide- und Chemiefasern
V W D - Wolle
Vaevmagasinet: Scandinavian weaving magazine
Valtion Teknillinen Tutkimuskeskus. Tekstiililaboratorio. Tiedonanto
Vanya: wild silks of India in English
Vetir: revue des industries de l'habillement
Vie des Metiers. Mode et Textile
Vlakna a Textil
Vliesstoff Nonwoven International
Wallcovering Industry News
Warp & Weft
Weaver's Digest (Spanish Edition)
Weekly Cotton Market Review
Western Guidelines
Wiadomosci: Wlokno, Odziez, Skora
Wild Fibers
Wira Scan
Wira Technology Group News
Wirtschaft Heute
Women's Wear Daily
Wool & Woollen
Wool and Woolens of India
Wool Intelligence (and Fibres Supplement)
Wool Market Review
Wool Market Weekly
Wool Monitor
Wool News
Wool News
Wool News
Wool Outlook
Wool Quarterly
Wool Record
Wool Record Weekly Market Report (Email Edition)
Wool Report
Wool Research Organisation of New Zealand Communications
Wool Research Organisation of New Zealand Reports
Wool Research Organisation of New Zealand Special Publications
Wool Research Organisation of New Zealand. Technical Papers
Wool Sack
Wool Science Review
Wool Statistics
Wool Trade Directory of the World
Wool Trend
Wool Trend
Woollen Exporters Directory
World Cotton Markets Review
World Fibre News
World Jute Directory
World Textile Abstracts
Worldwide Knitting
Xi'an Gongcheng Keji Xueyuan Xuebao
Xiandai Fangzhi Jishu
Yalkut: Israel textile and fashion magazine
Yangmao Hangye Jiyao
Yearbook on Jute
Yin Ran
Zeitschrift fuer Allgemeine und Textile Marktwirtschaft
Zensen Newspaper
Zenzen Compass
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