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Deep River Dyeing Co

225 Poplar St
Randleman, NC 27317

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Phone: 336-498-4181

About Our Company

Deep River Dyeing has been in the business of dyeing polyester for over 40 years. DRD begin life dyeing light weight polyester interlock fabrics after the collapse of the double knit industry in the early seventies. Over the decades, and as fabrics changed, Deep River changed also. Our processes now include polyester warp knits, poly/spandex, acetate/spandex, nylon spandex, as well as polyester circular knits and enhancements for all of those fabrics. We specialize in open width finishing of these fabrics and custom colors at your request. We welcome cat yarns blended with regular disperse poly yarns. If post consumer Eco friendly yarns are in your line, we process those also.