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Kordsa INC

17780 Armstrong Road
Laurel Hill, NC 28351

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Phone: 910-462-2051

About Our Company

Primary Industry Classification: Tire Cord and Tire Fabric Mills
Secondary Industry Classification: Rope, Cordage, Twine, Tire Cord, and Tire Fabric Mills
Number of Employees: 4500
Inspired from life, we reinforce life. Kordsa, global player of tire and construction reinforcement and composites markets, operates in 12 facilities throughout 5 countries including Turkey, Brazil, Indonesia, Thailand and USA with its over 4.500 employees. Through its mission to “Reinforce Life”, the Company aims to create sustainable value to all its stakeholders and society by combining high value-added reinforcement technologies with innovation.

Our Capabilities

Tire Cord & Tire Fabric

What Makes Us Unique

Certifications: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, AS 9100
Materials List: Various, Fibers - Man-made, Composite

Industries We Serve

Specializing in Construction reinforcement materials
With a typical monthly production volume of
Specializing in Composite materials
With a typical monthly production volume of
Specializing in Tire reinforcements
With a typical monthly production volume of