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Barnhardt Purified Cotton

1100 Hawthorne Ln
Charlotte, NC 28205

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Phone: 704-376-0380

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Primary Industry Classification: Yarn Spinning Mills
Secondary Industry Classification: All Other Miscellaneous Textile Product Mills
Barnhardt Purified Cotton provides purified and bleached cotton as a raw material from 2 manufacturing sites located in the US; Charlotte, NC and Colrain, Mass. This raw material is used in a variety of end products including Q-tips, cotton balls, facial pads, tampons, feminine pads, baby wipes, medical wipes, personal wipes, surface wipes, wound care, absorbent dental products and a variety of beauty products. In addition, Barnhardt provides carded cotton, rayon and polyester used as an in-process product for many of the same end uses. Barnhardt is also a leading supplier to the Pharmaceutical industry of fiber used in pill packaging; the Dental market for absorbent products and the Beauty market for disposable products.

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Specializing in cotton
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