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Bruin Plastics Co. Inc.

PO Box 700
Glendale, RI 02826

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Phone: 401-568-3081

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Primary Industry Classification: Commercial Lithographic Printing (Primary)
Secondary Industry Classification: Broadwoven Fabric Finishing Mills
Contract Laminating Converting Fabric, Acrylic Fabric, Acrylic, Solution-Dyed Fabric, Acrylic, Solution-Dyed, Air/Tension Structures Fabric, Acrylic, Solution-Dyed, Awnings Fabric, Acrylic, Solution-Dyed, Banners Fabric, Antibacterial Fabric, Antimicrobial Fabric, Automotive Fabric, Awning Fabric, Banner Fabric, Billboard Fabric, Breathable Fabric, Camouflage Fabric, Coated Fabric, Fiberglass, Woven, Vinyl-Coated Fabric, Fire-Retardant Fabric, Flame-Resistant Fabric, Fluorescent Colored Fabric, Healthcare, Vinyl-Coated Fabric, High Performance Fabric, Laminated Fabric, Marine Fabric, Marine, Exterior Fabric, Marine, Upholstery Fabric, Medical Fabric, Mesh, Coated Fabric, Mesh, Printable Fabric, Mesh, PVC-Coated, Air/Tension Structures Fabric, Mesh, PVC-Coated, Awnings Fabric, Mesh, PVC-Coated, Banners Fabric, Mesh, Vinyl-Coated Fabric, Military Specification Fabric, Narrow Fabric, Nylon, Vinyl-Coated Fabric, Nylon, Vinyl-Laminated Fabric, Polyester, PVC-Coated Fabric, Polyester, PVC-Coated, Air/Tension Structures Fabric, Polyester, PVC-Coated, Awnings Fabric, Polyester, PVC-Coated, Banners Fabric, Polyester, PVC-Laminated, Air/Tension Structures Fabric, Polyester, PVC-Laminated, Awnings Fabric, Polyester, PVC-Laminated, Banners Fabric, Polyester, PVC-Laminated, Resin/Fluorocarbon, Air/Tension Structures Fabric, Polyester, PVC-Laminated, Urethane Topcoat, Air/Tension Structures Fabric, Polyester, Solution-Dyed Fabric, Polyester, Vinyl-Coated Fabric, Polyester, Vinyl-Laminated Fabric, Polyurethane Coated Fabric, Scrim, Coated Fabric, Tarpaulin Fabric, Tensile Structure Fabric, Tent Fabric, Truck Cover Fabric, Upholstery Fabric, Urethane-Laminated Fabric, Vinyl Fabric, Vinyl-Coated Fabric, Vinyl-Laminated Fabric, Vinyl, Clear Fabric, Vinyl, Marine Fabric, Wide-Width Fabric, Window, Blackout Fabric, Windscreen Film, Vinyl Film, Vinyl, Clear Laminating, Custom Netting, Camouflage Netting, Fence Netting, Safety Netting, Shade Netting, Truck Cover Netting, Woven Tents Tents, Sidewalls Turbidity Curtains/Booms

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Specializing in fabrics
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