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Canwil Textiles Inc.

1520 University Dr
Auburn, GA 30011

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Phone: 678-985-5434

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Primary Industry Classification: Broadwoven Fabric Mills
Secondary Industry Classification: Textile and Fabric Finishing Mills
Backdrops & Murals Bags Bags, Tool Bags, Tote Covers Curtains, Blackout Curtains, Divider Curtains, Stage Drop Cloths Fabric Woven, Polyester, Solution-Dyed Fabric, Artist Fabric, Artist Primed Fabric, Backlit Applications Fabric, Blended Fabric, Camouflage Fabric, Conveyor Belt Fabric, Cotton Fabric, Drapery Fabric, Duck Fabric, Duck, Army Fabric, Duck, Dyed & Colored Fabric, Duck, Enameling Fabric, Duck, F.W.W.M.R. Fabric, Duck, Hose & Belting Fabric, Duck, Numbered Fabric, Duck, Ounce Fabric, Duck, Single Filled Fabric, Filter Fabric, Fire-Retardant Fabric, Flame-Resistant Fabric, Flannel, Canton Fabric, Knit, Mesh Fabric, Knit, Raschel Fabric, Marine Fabric, Mesh, Vinyl-Coated Fabric, Nonwoven Fabric, Nylon Fabric, Nylon, Pack Cloth Fabric, Osnaburgs Fabric, Polyester Fabric, Polyester, Polyurethane-Coated Fabric, Polyester, PVC-Coated Fabric, Polypropylene Fabric, RFL-Treated Fabric, Sateen Fabric, Shadecloth Fabric, Sheeting Fabric, Tarpaulin Fabric, Tent Fabric, Twill Fabric, V-Belt Fabric, Wide-Width Fabric, Window, Blackout Yarn, Twisted

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