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Central Carolina Hosiery

211 Shady Oak Dr
Biscoe, NC 27209

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Phone: 910-428-9688

About Our Company

Primary Industry Classification: Hosiery and Sock Mills
Secondary Industry Classification: Apparel
Number of Employees: 80
Central Carolina Hosiery is a leader in full-service manufacturing of private and brand label hosiery, producing millions of hosiery products for its clients each year. Central Carolina Hosiery has helped build profitable hosiery segments for scores of retailers across the globe. Central Carolina Hosiery offers its clients a comprehensive selection of more than 3,000 hosiery styles available in an unparalleled variety of yarns and deniers including a wide assortment of sheer hosiery, trouser socks, fishnets, tights, knee hi's, plus sizes and more. The company’s customized production provides the company with tremendous purchasing power; translating into lower cost for its clients, which is ultimately reflected in the client’s private label retail price to customers.

Our Capabilities

Hosiery & Socks

Industries We Serve

Retail Trade
Specializing in hosiery and socks
With a typical monthly production volume of