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C.S. Osborne & Co.

125 Jersey St
Harrison, NJ 07029

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Phone: 973-483-3232

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Primary Industry Classification: Misc Fabricated Metal Prod Mfg
Secondary Industry Classification: Misc Fabricated Metal Prod Mfg
Adhesives, Hot Melt Buttons, Decorative Buttons, Tufting Clips, Upholstery Equipment, Cutting, Dies & Die Press Equipment, Cutting, Foam Equipment, Cutting, Hand-Held Equipment, Grommeting Equipment, Snap Fastener Installation Equipment, Tufting Fasteners, Snap Fasteners, Stainless Steel Fasteners, Turnbutton Grommets Grommets, Air/Tension Structures Grommets, Awnings Grommets, Banners Hardware, Upholstery Knives Nails & Trim, Decorative Needles Needles, Leather Rivets Scissors Shears Staple Removers T-Nuts Tacking Strips Thread Thread, Nylon Thread, Nylon Filament-Bonded Thread, Polyester, Filament Bonded Tools, Grommet Setting Tools, Hand Tools, Maintenance & Repair, Tents Tools, Upholstery Twine Upholstery Supplies Vents

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