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Devan North America, LLC

C-13 1200 Woodruff Road
Greenville, SC 29607

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Phone: 864-520-1006

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Primary Industry Classification: Textile and Fabric Finishing Mills
Secondary Industry Classification: Textile and Fabric Finishing Mills
For over 40 years, Devan has been providing high-tech finishing chemicals to the worldwide textile markets. Focusing strongly on unique and innovative solutions, research & development is at the heart of the company. That’s because rather than being the biggest, we want to be the best. Our ever-evolving range of technologies and functionalities is quite extensive, but there’s one thing that all technologies have in common: helping you differentiate from competitors. To top it off, we offer a unique and cross-border support package, making sure our technologies perform as we promised you.

Industries We Serve

Specializing in finished fabrics
With a typical monthly production volume of